Physics for the Future: International Workshop: 27-29 September 2012
Physics for the Future: International Workshop on the Australian Gravitational Wave Observatory
University Club, University of Western Australia, 27 September 2012

An international workshop will take place at UWA from 27-29 September 2012 to discuss the international proposal to develop and construct a gravitational wave detector in Gingin, Western Australia. The detector would form part of an international gravitational wave detector array involving more than 1000 physicists around the world. The workshop is designed to bring policy makers, politicians, scientists and engineers together to discuss the project and to help formulate a roadmap for the $200M-scale project.

Registration: Please email Ruby Chan (ruby.chan AT to confirm attendance at the workshop

Organising Committee

Adj Prof Howard Golden (Rio Tinto), Chair, Gravitational Wave Observatory Development Committee
Mr Jens Balkau, (Regis Resources) Co-chair, Gravitational Wave Observatory Development Committee
Prof Oscar Moze Science Attache, Italian Embassy, Canberra
Hon Philip Gardiner MLC. Member for the Agricultural Region
Hon Grant Woodhams, MLA, Speaker, Legislative Assembly
Prof Jesper Munch, Chair, Australian Consortium for Gravitational Astronomy
Prof David Blair, Director Australian International Gravitational Research Centre
Prof David McClelland, Director, Centre for Gravitational Physics, ANU

Local Organising Committee

David Blair
Ruby Chan
Eric Howell
Li Ju (Chair)
Francis Torres
Linqing Wen
Chunnong Zhao

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